The Tibetan word for yoga, naljor, means abiding naturally, just being. In the desert, just being has a quality unlike any other place. When surrounded by wilderness stillness, patience and the suppression of the self lend themselves to the discipline of meditation.

Transference of energy in yogic trongjug, one of the siddhis, or feats of mind, is where the movement of thought ceases, allowing it to fuse with its object of concentration. To understand truth, the mind must be brought to the condition in which it is without movement, a vacuum where it has no impression at all. I practiced trongjug. The object of my concentration was a camel.

As the sun beat down it eclipsed the memory of the loss of my home and all the other things that had caused agony. Shutting my mind to the darkness, I sat, sheltered beneath cool branches, my thoughts nourished by light. The distant horizon held my own truth, of that I was sure, but for the time being it remained faraway.