Magsie Hamilton Little is a writer and translator who has written for The Times, the Daily TelegraphThe Daily Beast and The Lady. When still a teenager  she caught a plane to Afghanistan and subsequently wrote Dancing with Darkness, Life, Death and Hope in Afghanistan, an account of her experiences there, including taking tea with warlords, ex-Guantanamo prisoners and Taliban sympathisers, but above all, telling the story of the friendships she made with ordinary Afghans.

The hardship and suffering she saw in Afghanistan inspired her to set up a charity printing and giving books to Afghan street children. The Thing about Islam followed and contributions to various books and publications about the Middle East, including Afghanistan Revealed and The Rise and Fall of the Persian Empire. The Sky is on Fire, published in 2017, records her journeys to southern Algeria and time spent with Tuareg nomads of the Kel Ahaggar. She is also a classically trained musician.